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The Most Accurate Guidebook to the Star Wars Galaxy.

The only solution with up to date, pin-point references to every moment, appearance and event in the Star Wars Galaxy.

Info box with spoiler mode setting

Toggleable spoiler mode.

Only reveal the information you want to see, when you want to see it. Never again will you find yourself reading a book, wondering what a character looks like, only to find out that they are killed off in the next chapter.

Info box with spoiler mode setting

Strict, pin-point appearance referencing.

Every piece of information is referenced to the exact moment it occurs in the Star Wars Galaxy. You no longer have to read an entire book just to find an obscure character appearance. You now know exactly what page, chapter, timestamp or even line number to look at.

An inline reference.

Precise, in-line referencing.

Never again will you have to skip to click a reference, skip to the bottom of the page and risk losing your reading position. The reference will provide the name of the media that the event occurs in, the type (e.g. book, comic, film, etc.) and the exact timestamp of the event (e.g. page number, chapter, timestamp, etc.).

Multiple Appearance Viewing.

View every appearance of a character over the Star Wars Story.

View the evolution of the characters you love, as they progress through the Star Wars Story.

Split-view for retcons.

A box which can show two different versions of events, when a contradiction exists in Canon. For example, Kanan's backstory in Rebels versus the Bad Batch.

Other servies choose to completely erase material that has been overwritten by a later source. We choose to give you a view of both sources, so you can choose which version of events fits the story best.


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