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Lady Sennifer was the female Mon Calimari owner of the addicting and well-regarded drinking and gambling establishment known as Sennifer's Beam and Balance, located on Boxer Point Station. In 21 ABY, she served a round of four Red Dwarfs to the gambler Lando Calrissian, advising him to drink them slowly to stay alive. She later ordered her Lasat security team to break up a bar fight started by the bounty hunter Ochi of Bestoon and the mercenaries Bosvarga and Cerensco.


Lady Sennifer was the legendary owner of Sennifer's Beam and Balance, a drinking and gambling joint on Boxer Point Station, a space station that orbited the gas giant Janx II near the Inner Rim. In 21 ABY, she served the gambler Lando Calrissian a round of four Red Dwarfs at the bar, warning him to sip them slowly and charging him four hundred credits, describing the cost as "danger money" when Calrissian was surprised by it. After he paid with his gambling winnings, Sennifer left to serve another group of customers without saying another word.

Calrissian then eavesdropped on a conversation across the bar between the bounty hunter Ochi of Bestoon and the mercenaries Bosvarga and Cerensco. When one of Calrissian's companions, a Muqularan, later approached him to ask why he was taking so long with the drinks, Calrissian lied and claimed he was waiting for Sennifer to bring him some Bloomspice chasers that she was fetching from the polarizer. A fight then occured between Ochi and his two companions, escalating to eventually involve at least a dozen patrons. At the bar, Sennifer instructed two of her muscular Lasat security staff to break up the fight, but when the pair leapt over the bar and tried to find the trio who had started the brawl, the Lasats instead found that Ochi, Bosvarga, and Cerensco had vanished.

Personality and traits

Sennifer had blue eyes and black hair [1]cut into a bob. She wore what Lando Calrissian described as “an intricate spider’s web of silver chains hanging from a multitude of piercings.” [2]


While she was serving Lando Calrissian his order, Sennifer wore a heavy-duty respirator along with with protective eyepieces, although she later pulled it off and left it hanging round her neck while talking to her security. When worn, the mask covered her entire face, and her voice sounded tinny while she spoke through the cans of her respirator.

Behind the scenes

Sennifer first appeared in the 2022 novel Shadow of the Sith, which was written by Adam Christopher.



Chapter 6


Radio Drama

Chapter 6


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