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Romar Adell

Romar Adell was a human male from outer rim planet of Serenno. After the bombardment of the planet at the hands of the Galactic Empire, Adell and some others from Serenno went into hiding in the planet's forest region where he also built his house. He later became an friend of the Bad Batch, a group of rogue clones, who ran into strife with the Galactic Empire on Serenno. After helping them escape a squad of imperial stormtroopers, Romar gifted a kaleidoscope toy to the Batch's youngest member Omega and helped them safely leave the planet...

Behind the scenes information

Romar Adell's first apears in "Ruins of War," the 2nd episode in the Bad Batch's second season. He is voiced by actor Hector Elizondo in the series.

It is not known if he will appear again in the remainder of Star Wars The Bad Batch Season 2, where he made his first appearance.


Animated TV Show

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