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Jashei Zigler

Jashei Zigler was a male individual who served as a lieutenant in the New Republic as well as the adjunct to the Commander of the New Republic staging outpost in orbit of the planet Adelphi, Xarah Blacwood. In 21 ABY, he joined Blacwood on a meeting with Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian, who had arrived on the outpost to talk to Flight Sergeant Dina Dipurl. Prior to the start of the meeting, he informed the two that they would need to put a request through the official channels but was stopped by Blacwood, who apologised to their visitors and stated that whilst Zigler was efficient, he was also rule-bound. When Calrissian revealed to the commander that the Sith had returned, Zigler refuted the claim, saying that they were extinct and informed Blacwood that talk of the Sith was dangerous and that it would be best to not scare the crew of the station with rumors of the Sith's return. Eventually, after Blacwood informed the two that she would not be able to help them, she had Zigler end the meeting.





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