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Gangi Moon

Gangi Moon was a moon that was near enough to the planet Ferrix, in the outer rim, that it was able to be reached by most starships. Around 5 BBY, in the aftermath of the Rix Road incident, which protested the Empire's control of the planet and its people, the Ferrixian names Jezzi piloted a Breon Dayvan starfighter carrying fellow Ferrixians Brasso, and Wilmon Paak, as well as the small droid named B2EMO, toward Gangi Moon nearby. The group had taken part in the incident and hoped that travelling to the Gangi Moon would let them flee the Imperial officers at the location. The fugitive Cassian Andor's instructional guide on how to get to the moon mentioned travelling over Farside Sea. The appearance and geography of the moon is still unkown.

Behind the scenes

Gangi Moon was first mentioned and appeared in episode "Rix Road," episode 12 of the television series named Andor, which aired on in late 2022 on the Disney streaming service called Disney+ (may not appear in all regions).


Live Action TV Show

Mentioned at 12:34

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