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CC-1226 was a clone trooper who served in the Imperial Military as a Clone Commander. Following the mission to Desix, CT-9904 "Crosshair" was ordered to report to CC-1226 for his next assignment [1].

Background Information

CC-1226 is a reference to a clone trooper from the Legends contunity; CT-1226. CT-1226 first appeared in Jason Fry's Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare. He was an unlucky trooper who found himself in the worst possible scenario in all of his encounters, but, much to his surprise, his lack of luck was always balanced out by a stroke of immense luck that saved his life. For example, he found himself launched into a crater next to approaching battle droids.

As he peaked out of the crater, two B1 Battle Droids noticed him and took aim. However, due to the advancing line of droids needing to hit the Republic's forces harder, a B2 Super Battle droid smashed the two B1 droids aside, all the while not seeing CT-1226, allowing him to gun down the trooper to save his brothers and make his way to safety. He was later commendation for entirely accidentally creating a hole in the Sepratist's formation that allowed the Republic to win the first battle of Geonosis.


Animated TV Show

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